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Peter Mills' Wireside Chat : Live Q&A Broadcast Online, May 2006
For two hours on Tuesday May 23, 2006 Senator Mills answered questions from people all over Maine. Hundreds of Mainers tuned in to the audio broadcast. Thank you to everyone who participated. This event marked the beginning of a new kind of political discourse in Maine. Please listen to the clips below to hear Peter's live, candid answers. Each segment is available in mp3 format (most audio players can play mp3 files) or wma (Windows Media Player.)

Introduction - mp3 - wma

Dave from the Lewiston Sun Journal asks about using the state surplus to pay for highways - mp3 - wma

John from Portland asks about clean elections - mp3 - wma

Jason from Portland asks about Maine's university system and tuition - mp3 - wma

Will from Portland asks about the laptop program - mp3 - wma

Paul from Madison asks about teenage driving - mp3 - wma

Voter registration for primaries - mp3 - wma

Linn from Casco asks about Healthcare and Dirigo - mp3 - wma

Reforming States Group studying healthcare - mp3 - wma

Frank from Brunswick asks about renewable energy sources - mp3 - wma

Frank from Brunswick asks a follow up question about state vehicles using renewable energy sources - mp3 - wma

Frank continues with a question about Maine diesel laws - mp3 - wma

Nancy from Bucksport wants to know why she should vote for Peter - mp3 - wma

Bill from Millinocket asks about Peter's military experience - mp3 - wma

Tom from Lewiston and Mark from Sabattus ask about TABOR - mp3 - wma

Roger from Caribou asks about reducing the size of the Maine House of Representatives - mp3 - wma

Dan from Portland notes the civilized campaign and asks what distinguishes Mills from the other candidates - mp3 - wma

Dan from Sorrento also asks what distinguishes Mills from the other Republican candidates leading to discussion of Maine's independent nature - mp3 - wma

Independent governor discussion - mp3 - wma

Mary from Farmington asks about the Avian Flu - mp3 - wma

Marc from Scarboro asks about workers compensation - mp3 - wma

Bob from Biddeford asks about DHHS failires and medicaid software - mp3 - wma

Kevin from Portland asks about Maine beers, wines and vodkas - mp3 - wma

Alex from Falmouth wants to know why Republicans should vote for Peter - mp3 - wma

Alison from Franklin County asks about small store permits and licenses - mp3 - wma

Pat from Waterville asks about the future of an interstate highway from Calais to NY - mp3 - wma

Rita from North Yarmouth asks about life issues - mp3 - wma

Shelly from Bangor asks about school children doing community service - mp3 - wma

Lance from Auburn wants to know what kind of music Peter listens to and what he does in his spare time - mp3 - wma

James from Portland asks about expanding wireless internet and cellphone coverage - mp3 - wma

Anthony from Topsham asks about infrastructure - mp3 - wma

Mark from Biddeford asks about keeping jobs in Maine - mp3 - wma

First Park, regional thinking, Maine's work force - mp3 - wma

Ben and Riley stop in to ask about teachers - mp3 - wma

Anthony from Topsham asks about the regionalization of Maine school districts, services, and governments - mp3 - wma

George from Brunswick asks about DNA and criminal justice - mp3 - wma

Dennis from Eliot asks where Peter stands on minimum wage - mp3 - wma

Skowhegan Citizens for Good Government ask what Peter would do about noise in Maine's towns - mp3 - wma

Dawn from Wiscasset asks about clean elections - mp3 - wma

Dave from Brewer asks about sales and service taxes - mp3 - wma

Budget honesty, selling off state revenue sources (liquor, lottery) - mp3 - wma

Ben from Skowhegan asks about getting high school seniors to vote, Peter wraps up the chat emphasizing the need for direct communication between legislators and constituents, and proposes that the governor directly address the legislature as is done in the British Parliament - mp3 - wma