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Peter Mills is Practical, Frugal and Our Choice

Morning Sentinel October 16, 2006

Voters in Senate District 26 are fortunate to have two qualified candidates to chose from: the incumbent, Republican Peter Mills, and Paul Hatch, a Somerset County commissioner and a Democrat.

We endorse Mills, who we feel is not only well-qualified to return to the Legislature, but would also have made an exceptional candidate for governor. He lost his bid for the Blaine House in the Republican primary this year.

Mills is a committed fiscal conservative but a moderate on most other issues -- a perfect fit for what Maine needs right now. His analysis of and prescription for the state's fiscal dilemma is the best we have heard, and we hope that if he is re-elected to the Senate, Mills will play a leading role in successfully heading the state in that direction.

You can visit Mill's Internet site to get the full flavor of his positions. You will see a practical, non-ideological and frugal but humane approach to the key issues facing the state. In short, to quote the Web site, "Maine must live within its means, develop its strengths, and take charge of its own future. We can do this."

We hope that Mills is re-elected, takes a leadership role in the Legislature and demonstrates he is not only a man with ideas, but also a political leader who can turn those ideas into actions.

Hatch is a two-term veteran of the House and currently filling a vacancy on the county commission. He has long been active in the upcountry political scene.

It's too bad that Hatch isn't running in one of the many districts that lack an experienced, pragmatic and down-to-earth candidate. We could use a man like him in the Senate or the House, and we would be glad to endorse his candidacy if he were not running against a candidate as strong as Peter Mills.