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June 11, 2006

Saturday's last ditch attack on me in the Bangor Daily News by former Congressman Emery warrants only this crisp reply: I have cut more Maine taxes in my time than he has ever dreamed of.

I helped repeal the "sick tax" on hospitals in the 1990's. I was on the GOP team that cut sales taxes from 6% to 5%. I reformed unemployment taxes to drop rates on business by 40%. I created property tax relief systems that are now among the few measures actually working.

Last year, I led the fight against Baldacci's borrowing of $447 million. To avoid this doubling of Maine's bonded debt, Senators from both parties first offered the governor a temporary sales tax surcharge as a lesser evil.

When Baldacci rejected this offer and cast the burden of his budget onto our children, I took the debt issue out to a People's Veto and compelled Democrats to back down. I forced them to pay their own bills and cut their spending by $110 million.

No other present Republican lawmaker can claim such a singular victory for the people of Maine.

I come from the realm of business, not politics; but in my brief public career, I have won six consecutive elections in regions where it is difficult for Republicans to prevail.

By contrast, retired Congressman Emery was ejected from service 24 years ago when he lost by 100,000 votes his attempt at the U.S. Senate. Voters reinforced his retirement in 1990 with a 20% loss to little known Tom Andrews who beat him for an open seat in Congress.

Twice before Emery has led our party to defeat. Let history not repeat. Republicans must nominate one who can lead our party to a November victory. I am that leader. Our state's future is at stake.

Peter Mills
State Senator
Republican Candidate for Governor