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Letters to the Editor - Lewiston Sun Journal - Sunday, June 11

Mills is the leader Maine needs

I am a life-long Mainer and Republican. I am a deputy district attorney and have worked as a prosecutor in Maine's court system for the past 27 years. During that time, I have come to know and respect Peter Mills, not only as an attorney, but also as a legislator and, most importantly, as a leader for Maine.

I know that Peter fully understands the issues that are most important to law enforcement and the victims of crime. As a prosecutor, I appreciate that Peter Mills has been a voice of reason when the most important issues in the criminal justice system have been presented to the Maine Legislature.

The people of Maine must have a governor who will unite us and lead us in difficult times. Peter Mills is the candidate that we need. Peter Mills will be the governor that we deserve.

Alan P. Kelley, West Gardiner

Mills will require accountability

As an independent voter - not a Democrat and not a Republican - I am looking for the candidate who will demand accountability from our government officials and our government employees.

I'm tired of reading about lost millions at the Department of Health and Human Services and costly audits to find our money.

I believe Peter Mills will make a difference in Augusta by holding our government officials accountable, and I'm ready for that change.

Jennifer Ferguson, Lewiston