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Letters to the Editor - Portland Press Herald - Thursday, June 8

Primary concern: Who can oust Baldacci?

Does the Press Herald truly endorse David Emery ("GOP's best bet is Emery for governor's race," June 4)?

Or is the paper trying to put forth a poorly funded candidate who hasn't won an election in 25 years so that Gov. Baldacci can easily win the November election?

Your editorial says Emery has the experience to turn a plan into law. He has no recent experience in state government, in contrast to Peter Mills, who has been in the state Legislature for the last 12 years.

I have watched the Republican candidate debates. Only one candidate has a logical, pragmatic approach to state government. Only one candidate answers questions with specifics. Only one candidate can appeal to independents. That candidate is Peter Mills.

That the Press Herald failed to endorse the one Republican candidate who can beat Gov. Baldacci speaks volumes about your editorial slant.

Mark Smith
New Portland


I sure hope Maine voters are planning to turn out on Tuesday, primary election day, to exercise their right and privilege to vote for the candidates of their choice. If you're an "R" or a "D," just go to the polls and ask for your party's ballot. If you're unenrolled (independent), just go to the polls and ask to enroll in the party of your preference for the opportunity to say who you'd like to see on the ballot in the general election. It's that simple!

Within the Republican ballot, my choice for governor is Peter Mills. Why? Because he's smart, skilled, honest, energetic and straightforward. I've observed his work in Augusta within the Legislature, heard him speak on many occasions and find him to be the kind of person who grasps the issues quickly, articulates his ideas and takes action promptly when he feels something is good for the state of Maine and the people.

Please join me and many others, and put an "X" next to Peter's name on the Republican ballot. Maine will be the better for it.

Carolyn Murray


On June 13, I will vote for Peter Mills for governor because he is the best-qualified candidate to be governor.

He has had 12 years of experience in the Legislature and has in-depth knowledge of the state's budget and taxation problems that must be solved for the long-term best interest of all our citizens. We cannot have four more years of selling state assets and 20-year debt financing to pay current expenses. Peter Mills had the fortitude and the ability to force the governor to repeal the $480 million debt issuance he planned to use to balance the current services budget. This was a tremendous accomplishment, which he undertook with some, but little, support from his own party.

Peter Mills does not have to be told by others what our problems are and does not need instruction from others in how to solve them. He has the brains, energy and intellectual honesty to be an excellent governor. Most important, he has the respect of those who know him, no matter their political persuasion. We are fortunate that he is running. He deserves our support.

Michael Healy