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Letters to the Editor - Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel - Friday, June 9

Mills in the Same Mold as Angus King
Before retirement I had the opportunity to work closely on a few occasions with the last three governors. From that experience I concluded that Angus King was by far the best.

First, he was exceptionally smart and understood complex issues. Second, he ran for office with the goal of doing good things for the people of this state rather than the goal of a career in high elective office. I have seen Peter Mills in action in the Legislature and discussed his candidacy with him and have concluded he is from the same mold as Gov. King. Mills is exceptionally smart and clearly grasps the complex problems and issues important to Maine's future. His 12-step plan available at amply demonstrates that fact.

Perhaps more importantly, he is running because he knows we can do much better than we are now not because he wants to make a career in high elective office. I will be voting for Mills on June 13.

David C. Sait

Mills to Bring Sanity Back to Maine Government
In more than 40 years of close and sometimes professional observation (as a reporter and public affairs manager), I've felt sufficiently concerned about the future of state government to endorse and actively support only two candidates for governor.

One was Angus King, who brought common sense, civility and the ability to build consensus at a time when all three seemed to have disappeared from Augusta.

The second is Peter Mills, who, like King, is the right person at a time when state government is mired in fiscal insanity and hell-bent on leaving a legacy of debt and undone work. Gov. Baldacci's ads boast a balanced budget. But to meet that constitutional requirement, the administration mortgaged the state liquor business. But for Mills leadership, they would have done the same with future lottery revenue.

Maine is more than $5 billion in debt. Our highways and bridges are crumbling. The Department of Human Services is devoid of any effective management and efficiency. And even Baldacci says Dirigo needs serious fixing.

Mills is the one Republican candidate who can defeat Baldacci. Dave Emery hasn't won an election in more than 25 years. Chandler Woodcock's conservative agenda will see him defeated in a general election in moderate Maine, a state that repeatedly sends Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins to the U.S. Senate and Democrats to the U.S. House.

Mills has a wealth of business and governmental experience, common sense and a plan for the future that can bring sanity back to state government in Maine.

John P. McCatherin
Carrabassett Valley

Maine Needs Mills
While I am a life-long resident of the state of Maine, and a life-long Republican, I have never felt so strongly about a candidate for governor of this state as I do about Peter Mills, the Republican candidate for governor. I believe that Maine needs a leader; and I believe that Maine needs Mills.

I am a deputy district attorney and have worked as a prosecutor in Maine's court system for the past 27 years. During that time I have come to know and respect Mills not only as an attorney, but also as a legislator, and most importantly as a leader for the state of Maine. Mills is well known and respected among the legal community, as well as by his constituents, for his honesty, his integrity, his hard work, and his dedication to public service. From experience, I know that Mills fully understands the issues that are most important to law enforcement and the victims of crime. As a prosecutor, I appreciate that Mills has been a "voice of reason" when the most difficult and most important issues in the criminal justice system have been presented to the Maine Legislature.

The people of Maine must have a governor who will unite us and lead us in difficult times. Mills is the candidate that we need. Mills will be the governor that we deserve.

Alan P. Kelley
West Gardiner

I Have Served with Mills
The Republican Party of Maine has a delightful dilemma facing it on Tuesday, to wit: Which of three great candidates to choose as the nominee to face the Democrat governor.

I will be voting for Sen. Peter Mills of Cornville. I have served four years with Sen. Mills and have observed him in action. He is among the most intelligent people in the Legislature. He thinks in depth about issues. When he presents his ideas for consideration by his colleagues, there is no question of his position.

As the Republican nominee, Sen. Mills will articulate in clear, concise language what the issues are and will have a plan to address them. It is tough to make choices among friends but I believe Peter Mills has the skills, knowledge, vision and energy to lead Maine to better times in the future. He will have my vote!

Maitland E. Richardson
Representative District 85

From The Bethel Citizen

Endorsement: Mills
To the Editor:

I am writing in support of State Senator Peter Mill for Governor. The primary vote will be held on June 13. I had the honor of serving with Peter for 8 years in the state senate and was his seat mate for the last 2. Needless to say I am very familiar with his work ethic and vast knowledge of state goverment. Peter is a moderate with the ability to attract independent voters in the general election in November. How do I know this? He has done it the five times he has been elected to the state senate.

Peter has a plan to address Maine's extraordinary debt burden and I suggest you take a look at his website at The plan is a twelve step plan and is well thought out.

His opponents are good people, but in my judgement Peter has the edge in experience.

He has served on a wide range of legislative committees.

We need a Republican governor who has a plan, and I will be voting for Peter Mills on June 13.

Norm Ferguson

From Bangor Daily News

Peter Mills Reaches Out

Republicans have excellent candidates for governor on the ballot on June 13. But the prize is the election in November, not June. And looking at it from the perspective of the opposition, who would their candidate least like to face in November?

It would seem to be the candidate who can best reach out across party lines. One who has done so successfully in previous elections. Plus, someone who has outlined a plan for Maine's future as well. That candidate is Peter Mills.

Barbara Jones