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This is my opinion on the Republican candidates for Maine's governor:

Chandler Woodcock voted 95 percent conservative as a senator from Franklin County. I am a conservative and if he was running back in Ronald Reagan's heyday, he would have my vote. Maine is not ready for an ultraconservative governor.

David Emery served Maine as a representative very well. I do not have a clear picture of his aims and programs if serving as governor. He has lost the last two elections as a Maine elector, which does not impress me.

Peter Mills has announced a 10-point program. I agree with the largest majority of his programs. Due to his personality and knowledge, I know he can negotiate with House and Senate Democrats and accomplish more for the good of the citizens of Maine than we have seen in the past.

Peter Mills has my vote.

Clayton Kemp, Farmington

Letter to the Editor printed in the SunJournal June 3, 2006