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Mills' Values Impressive

Peter Mills would make an excellent governor. His business-like approaches to reduce spending and debt at the state level are precisely what is needed to get our state government working toward the benefit of those who truly pay to keep it all going. He represents a strong front toward curbing the trends that have greatly diminished purchase power for our families.

Mills understands the strains working-class Maine families are under; we're supporting a government we cannot afford now, let alone in the future.

It's time for Maine to reform its approach toward services, and to get financially responsible. The hard work and dedication Mills has given to the Maine Senate and House represents the values we should expect from our elected officials. This man has worked the hardest for the Republican nomination and should be elected governor this fall.

Jamie Ryder
St. Albans

Letter to the Editor printed in the Bangor Daily News June 12, 2006