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Peter Mills is The Man

I recently attended the Republican state convention in Augusta. Having listened to all three candidates for governor, I have no reservations in supporting any one of them in November.

Like many times in the past, I heard party spokesmen say, "This is our year," and that we will be in the majority after the November elections. I agree that things look pretty good for Republican candidates, but unless we elect a gubernatorial candidate in the June primary who can beat Gov. Baldacci in the fall, to use the vernacular, "It ain't going to happen."

I served six years in the House of Representatives and have seen first hand how our government functions in Augusta and the importance of having the most knowledgeable person possible as over governor. And I believe Peter Mills is that person.

Mills has the qualifications to be an excellent governor and he also has the stamina and physical fitness so necessary to campaign from one end of the state to the other in making himself known. I have seen him like no other legislator running all over the State House to committee hearings, defending the many bills he has introduced.

Also, I was a candidate for county commissioner in the same area and time that Mills was campaigning for the state Senate. I thought I was knocking on a lot of doors, but no way could I maintain his schedule - day in and day out.

We have three great Republican candidates, but only one will be on the November ballot. Think about it and vote for the man who truly has the best chance of out-running the Democratic machine.

Sumner Jones

Letter to the Editor printed in the Bangor Daily News May 14, 2006