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An Open Letter to Tom Allen & John Baldacci


After decades of voting for Democratic candidates, it is my sad duty to inform you that, as of this writing, I find myself unable to support your re-elections. Like a growing number of voters, both here in Maine and across the nation, I have become disillusioned with the failure of the Democratic Party… I may actually be forced to vote for a Republican.

State Senator Peter Mills (R-Cornville) looks to me to be the best alternative we have at the moment. He's a veteran legislator, an intellectual, a lawyer, and a progressive Republican - the sort of small town Main Street Republican that Maine used to add regularly to the political mix. Every conversation I have had with Peter Mills has impressed me with his thoughtfulness and pragmatism. Many people I have talked to in Augusta agree that Peter Mills has one of the best understandings of Maine's tax policy woes, but the predominant view seems to be that Mills is too progressive to win his conservative party's nomination. The GOP will very likely run 1970's dinosaur David Emery unless some of us disaffected Dems defect to support Peter Mills.

I have made inquiries about switching party affiliation in order to support Peter Mills in the June 13 primary in hopes of then being able to vote for him in the general election. Those of us who have been enrolled as Democrats or Greens for at least three months (39 years in my case) can change enrollments up until 15 days before the primary and be eligible to vote as Republicans.

Unenrolled Independents voters, however, can register to vote in the primary anytime up to and including Election Day….

EA Bean
Copyright The Forecaster 13 May 2006