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Senator Mills Fights to Simplify Dirigo Chioce

Senator Peter Mills led the senate opposition last night to defeat two DirigoChoice bills that would accomplish nothing more than “adding complexity to an already overly complex system.” Viewing the supposed fixes to the hugely expensive, ineffective insurance program as Baldacci campaign moves, Mills once again argued to simplify the program.

In remarks later that night at Miles Health Care in Damariscotta and on WGAN radio this morning, Mills pointed out that the biggest problems with Dirigo are that the program’s funding is essentially a sales tax on the 700,000 people struggling to pay their health insurance, and that rich people are taking advantage of the Dirigo subsidy because there is no asset test.

Mills, not one to criticize without providing solutions, lays out a clear seven-point prescription to cure DirigoChoice on his website at His remedies include increasing market competition, focusing on the uninsured rather than trying to compete with commercial products, requiring an asset test, subsidizing only premiums to simplify administration, and challenging the Dirigo Board to see how far a fixed amount like $14 million can go toward affording coverage to the uninsured.

Peter Mills has spent twelve years in the state legislature providing clear answers to Maine’s complex problems. Visit his website at for details on Mills' plans for governing our state. He is seeking the Republican nomination for governor in the June 13th primary election.