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DATE: January 17, 2006

Mills Out-Raises Opponents In Republican Primary

Peter Mills in his bid to win the Republican nomination for governor this June filed his finance report with the Maine Ethics Commission, clearly indicating that he is the financial frontrunner in the race. Mills, who is a Clean Election Candidate, had raised $39,445 as of December 31, and has raised $41,020 from 445 donors from each county in the state as of the filing deadline, January 17. Mills’ opponents, Senator Chandler Woodcock from Farmington, and David Emery from Tenants Harbor, combined have raised only $3,445 more than Mills.

“Peter Mills has shown his leadership in building a Republican organization that can beat John Baldacci this fall,” said Kathy Watson, former Chair of the Maine Republican Party. “His far reaching financial support, grassroots effort and message will carry him to victory in November.

As of the December 31 filing deadline for 2005 contributions, Woodcock reported raising $12,445 from 138 donors. Like Mills, Woodcock is a clean election candidate and is allowed to collect up to $50,000 in seed money by collecting a maximum of $100 per person. Emery, a traditionally financed candidate who can collect contributions of up to $500 per person, raised $30,715 with 75 contributors reported in filing.

The financial support of my campaign is an indicator that my message is resonating well with voters,” said Mills. “We need a change of leadership in Augusta that will be more responsive to Maine citizens.

Mills is left to raise only $9,000 in seed money before meeting his $50,000 limit set by Maine Clean Election laws. “We have a strong base and continue to build momentum in all corners of the state,” said Mills. “Today’s news verifies that we have the best opportunity for Republicans to prevail in November.