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Peter Mills News Archive

On the Verge of Tax Reform
Bangor Daily News June 9, 2009

Mills is reasonable, full of ideas, wants results
Kennebec Journal / Morning Sentinel Oct 13, 2008

Panel backs bill to warn relatives of mentally ill
by Susan M. Cover | Kennebec Journal / Morning Sentinel May 17, 2007

Senator Mills Pushes Financial Disclosure
by Paul Carrier | Kennebec Journal / Morning Sentinel March 22, 2007

Bill seeks to lower OUI limit
by Mal Leary | Bangor Daily News March 12, 2007

Clean Elections: If it works in Maine...
Editorial | Philadelphia Inquirer February 26, 2007

Maine Republicans Push for Legislative Spending Curbs
by Glenn Adams | Associated Press December 5, 2006

Time to ask what Peter Mills thinks
by Nancy Grape | Maine Sunday Telegram November 19, 2006

Loss started out low, then started to grow
by John W. Porter | Portland Press Herald November 12, 2006

Maine Republicans squander their chance
by Joseph R. Reisert | Morning Sentinel November 10, 2006

Memo to Maine Republicans - No Mills, no chance for GOP
by Bill Nemitz | Portland Press Herald November 8, 2006

Peter Mills is practical, frugal and our choice
Morning Sentinel Endorsement October 16, 2006

Mills too good to remain on the sidelines
Morning Sentinel Editorial June 19, 2006

Republican Peter Mills to Seek Re-Election to State Senate
Associated Press June 16, 2006

Mills' 2006 Maine Governor Race News

Mills' Values Impressive
Bangor Daily News June 12, 2006

Senator Mills Replies to Emery's Attack on His Tax Record
June 11, 2006

Peter Mills the Best-Qualified Candidate for GOP's Nod for Governor
by Merton G. Henry and Senator Karl Turner | Maine Sunday Telegram June 11, 2006

Letters to the Editor Endorsing Peter Mills
Lewiston Sun Journal June 11, 2006

Pine Tree Zones
by Tom Bell | Portland Press Herald June 11, 2006

Small business is small business
by Sarason Liebler | Village Soup June 9, 2006

Letters to the Editor Endorsing Peter Mills
Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel June 9, 2006

Evans-Novak Political Report - Leaning Mills
Evans-Novak Political Report June 8, 2006

Mills' Candidacy Presents Golden Opportunity
by Representative Stephen Bowen | Bangor Daily News June 8, 2006

Ellsworth American Endorses Peter Mills
The Ellsworth American June 8, 2006

Letters to the Editor Endorsing Peter Mills
The Portland Press Herald June 8, 2006

GOP Contenders Spar on Abortion, Taxes
By AJ Higgins | Bangor Daily News June 7, 2006

Peter's Pony Wins "Primary"
June 7, 2006

Bangor Daily News Endorses Peter Mills
Bangor Daily News June 7, 2006

A different debate format might enliven state campaigns
by Jim Brunelle | Portland Press Herald June 5, 2006

S. Peter Mills -- Republican primary candidate profile
Bangor Daily News June 3, 2006

He'll Accomplish More
Letter to the Editor by Clayton Kemp
Sun Journal | June 3, 2006

Gubernatiorial Profile: Peter Mills
By Victoria Wallack | State House News Service May 31, 2006

'Very cerebral' Peter Mills has a 12-point plan
by Paul Carrier | Portland Press Herald May 28, 2006

Where the candidates stand on racinos, abortion, taxes, other issues
Portland Press Herald May 28, 2006

Taking a good look at candidate Peter Mills
by Joseph R. Reisert | Maine Blethen Newspapers | May 26, 2006

Senator Mills Fights to Simplify Dirigo
Press Release | May 25, 2006

Mills Pleased with Grants for Land Acquisition
Press Release | May 18, 2006

Peter Mills is The Man
Letter to the Editor by Sumner Jones
Bangor Daily News | May 16, 2006

Sen. Mills has a Plan for Maine
Letter to the Editor by David Sait
The Sun Journal | May 14, 2006

An Open Letter to Tom Allen & John Baldacci
by EA Bean
The Forecaster | May 13, 2006

A Democrat Discovers Peter Mills
by Eliot R. Cutler
Bangor Daily News | May 10, 2006

Mills Leads Online Poll
Press Release | May 10, 2006

Mills: The I's have it
Liz Chapman, Regional Editor
Lewiston Sun Journal | February 13, 2006

Mills Out-Raises Opponents In Republican Primary | January 17, 2006

GOP needs to back Mills to unseat Baldacci
Blethen Maine Newspapers Inc
Derrick Grant - Gardiner | January 7, 2006

Woman switches parties to support Mills for governor
By SUSAN M. COVER - Correspondent
Morning Sentinel | Kennebec Journal - December 30, 2005

Mills calls for stricter standards for state
Morning Sentinel | Kennebec Journal - December 30, 2005

Peter Mills: Deliver health care, not insurance
By Andy Kekacs, Copy Editor
The Village Soup - Augusta - December 23, 2005

Mills family divides political, family loyalties
By Glenn Adams, Associated Press Writer
December 10, 2005

A Refreshing Change
by Jill Goldthwait - Ellsworth American - October 13, 2005

Republicans have a new best hope
Bangor Daily News - October 8, 2005

Cianchette withdraws candidacy - By A. J. Higgins
Bangor Daily News - October 4, 2005

Candidate Mills proposes state accountability office - By Chuin Wei Yap,
Morning Sentinel - August 26, 2005

Governor Claims Bond Victory - By Mike Brown,
Ellsworth American - August 18, 2005

Is Mills Electable? George Smith,
Kennebec Journal - August 17, 2005

Mills an 'odd stick' John N. Frary,
Morning Sentinel - August 12, 2005

Distinct differences: Race for GOP gubernatorial nomination heats up - Jim Brunelle
Kennebec Journal - Morning Sentinel - - August 11, 2005

A Win-Win Opportunity for the GOP
Ellsworth American - August 11, 2005

Mills offers 12-point plan as he launches campaign - By Bonnie Washuk,
Lewiston Sun Journal - Wednesday, August 3,2005

GOP adds Mills in race for governor
Bangor Daily News - Wednesday, August 03, 2005