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Maine Legislature A Grumpy Critique of Our Legislative Process
(Reaching back into the 1999 Peter Mills archives, still relevant today...)

Democracy is by nature inefficient; but we seem hard at work to make it worse than our founders designed it to be.

It is frustrating to rush down here on session days only to find that the sole order of business is the reference of bills, supplemented by the honoring of sports teams, ceremonial speeches and standing at ease while waiting for still another set of reference papers from the House. The entire morning goes to waste while the committees are screaming for more time to work bills. [read more...]

wind powerHow do we make wind power work for Maine?
The Maine Center for Economic Policy published a two part series written by Senator Mills on what we need to do as a state to benefit from our wind power potential. Both parts are available as pdf files: Wind Power for Maine Part 1 - Wind Power for Maine Part 2

Peter's Plan
Negotiate Rates Approval of new transmission lines should be contingent on receiving favorable rates for Maine customers from the generators who have so much to gain from construction of power lines through our back yards.

Excise Tax Not Property Tax Maine needs to revamp its tax policies on wind power and the connecting transmission lines. An excise on the kilowatt hours produced (instead of property tax) would impose a uniform burden across all competing elements of the industry, regardless of location. The proceeds could then be broadly applied for the benefit of those regions where the power is sited.

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Maine State Senator Peter Mills About Peter Mills
Peter Mills was born in Farmington and grew up in Maine, graduating from Gorham High School. In addition to earning his law degree at the University of Maine Law School, he served five years on Navy destroyers, and has owned Wright & Mills in Skowhegan for 23 years. During his years in the Maine House and Senate he has served as a Republican lead on Tax, Labor, Judiciary and Appropriations Committees. He is outspoken in advocating for sensible change in tax and school funding systems. He has worked with both parties to pass significant reforms in health care and education. Republicans and Democrats know him as a coalition builder with practical and independent views and a business-like approach to state finances. [more...]